Company garden grounds created by Van Raaijen Hoveniers

  • Can be designed in a wide variety of variations
  • Easy to maintain due to the low maintenance planting
  • Pleasing visual space for employees and visitors to relax or have lunch
  • Image-defining trees and planting enhancing your business professionalism
  • Practical and logical paving using large tiles or gravel.
  • Large welcoming planters next to an entrance
  •  Smart solutions for maintenance, for example irrigation technology

The company garden

Looking out over the company garden through the office window having a telephone conversation or taking a short break between the rustling leaves and chirping birds… Relaxation during a working day is essential and a well-thought-out company garden can certainly contribute to that. On sunny days such a garden is transformed into an outdoor canteen with lush green gras or terras to enjoy the lunch break on. A well designed company garden is the place to regain new energy

Your company garden is your calling card

More and more companies strive to go green and conduct business sustainably. In addition to the importance of “going green”, the company garden is not only a nice entrance that gives a good professional impression to visiting clients it is also a mindful place for staff. There is no better combination than that. We take care of both the construction and the complete maintenance of company gardens. In addition, our activities also include coordination and planning of the activities. And if desired, we can take care of the communication with the users of the building. In short: Van Raaijen Hoveniers ensures that you do not have to worry about the realisation of your company garden.

Company garden at InsingerGilissen

This business garden – in the heart of Amsterdam – has a classic layout, but the planting is sleek and modern. The layout of the building was taken as the starting point for the design. A building that formerly consisted of four different connected buildings, which can still be seen clearly from the old facade. Because of this division into four, the industrial garden is also divided into four different garden parts. The first part of the industrial garden is “the canteen roof”. This part is slightly raised and the entire surface is covered with a ground covering vegetation Vinca minor. To create a sense of depth, there are planters with trees scattered around the garden. 

The second part is an extension of the entrance. A long pond provides depth and has a small terrace with trees at the end. A height difference ensures that the length is visually slightly interrupted. The third part of the industrial garden is the central space. This space is separated from the other spaces by two U-shaped hedges and two benches. At the end of this space is a large terrace with espaliers on three sides that shield the irregular rear facades. Those espaliers also provide a pleasant, sheltered feeling for visitors entering the terrace. Finally, the industrial garden has a fourth space that is an extension of the boardroom. To break the length there is a large terrace in the middle of this space. In the back, a work of art serves as a focal point.

Commercial garden

Picture perfect

When visiting Restaurant Masami in Hoofddorp, it feels like you’re entering a stylish hip Asian city and yet it is located on an office business park. We were asked to transform the restaurants previously grey outdoor environment into a lush green asiatic paradise. An oasis of tranquility with soothing plants smack bang in the middle of a busy office district. The planting in the spacious, outdoor area is carefully laid out and offers lots of privacy. Peaceful spatial terraces with cloud shaped hedges, beautiful ornamental grasses are all tied in with carefully selected color balanced design furniture for contrast, offering guests an impressive green spectacle and pleasing ambiance. The heated umbrellas and atmospheric lighting create a cosy, intimate atmosphere in which guests can really enjoy delicious Asian dishes with a surprising European twist. Want to know more about this garden?

Curious about more examples of realized business gardens? Would you like to contact us to discuss the possibilities for your company?