Van Raaijen, gardens of beauty and excellence

For well over 4 decades we have been creating breathtaking gardens in and around the suburbs Amsterdam. We craft sanctuary’s for you to enjoy on a personal emotional level as well as all those precious moments spent with family and friends. Our objective is to design timeless gardens with character, but do so sustainably! Big or small to fit the surroundings and most important of all, you! The goal, a garden to relax, dream, party and fill with happy memories.

Our gardens are characterised by:

  • Inspiring & Creative designs
  • High level of craftsmanship (including periodic maintenance)
  • Use of top quality plants & sustainable materials

Van Raaijen tailor-made garden design, realisation and maintenance.

A great garden design on paper will only be excellent when landscaping is executed by dedicated, passionate gardeners. Our highly skilled crews do just that! With the realisation of every garden we always keep a direct line of communication between you and our garden specialists. It is in this personal “coach” approach that we can ensure all progress and wishes are met to the highest degree. This will continue long after completion if you decide to let us maintain it.

Garden Design

Our meticulous preparation narrows the chance of overlooking potential problems before actual landscaping. We essentially start with the inspection of the garden plot with the client.
After this a detailed visualisation is drawn up of how the garden will look. In complex more challenging situations let’s say a difficult to reach Amsterdam rooftop or backyard garden, we workout designs thoroughly to a highly detailed technical masterplan.

vakkundig straatwerk


After presentation of the proposed design, our in house specialists have all the skills, tools and machinery needed to convey exactly how the garden will look. Every aspect of the project down to irrigation, lighting, plants, trees, fencing, driveways, structures etc. is handled by our professionals.
We are small enough to enjoy close working relationships with our clients yet large enough to realise a wide variety of prestigious projects. Having all disciplines and skills under one roof, is what makes us unique.

Ontwerp van tuinarchitect Amsterdam

Our work method

A beautiful harmonious garden should always reflect someone’s personality, wishes and practical requirements. In order to do this we first have to find out what these are. During an introduction in our head office garden studio, we will discuss various styles and atmospheres and try to visualize them with the help of ‘moodboards’. Additionally we will dive into your current or future living situation; after all, an optimal garden design that suits you, must merge with your living environment. Based on this initial conversation, you will receive a quote for the garden design.

The design process, in 5 steps

After your assignment for the garden design, our designer will get to work for you. We will shape and form your garden design piece by piece in these 5 steps:

  •  Intake and inventory
  •  Elaboration (concept) garden design
  •  Appointment/presentation and (possible) adjustments
  •  Final elaborated planting plan
  •  Hand over of a complete garden design including use of materials such as timber, gravel etc. planting plan, plant brochure and (if desired) a lighting plan.

On average, the investment of a complete garden design/design plan as described above is €2.000,00 including VAT. This depends on the size of your plot and the complexity of the design. This includes any required technical/structural details and/or the use of special machinery.

After your consent agreement for the garden design, our designer will get to work for you.

Based on the complete garden design, we can make you a specified offer for the construction of your new garden.

The right elements

A garden is just as important as your living space. It reflects character and makes us feel at home.
And because we are all unique individuals it is our job to create the right balance in mood and visually pleasing surroundings. Imagination is key.

We are very happy to make an appointment with you

We would love to welcome you at our headquarters and inform you of all the great possibility’s in our tailored showroom. We can literally show a tangible variety of elements and materials needed to give a good representation of your future garden. We even have a selection of exclusive garden furniture for you to envision the ultimate symbiosis between garden and comfort.

Openings hours
Feel free to contact us and make an appointment with one of our professionals at our studio.

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